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Playing Smart: Implementing Your Gamification Strategy

Thinking Cap co-presented a webinar on Gamification with Brandon Hall:
Playing to Win: Adopting Gamification to Achieve Your Learning Goals
10/11/22 - Join us for a discussion on the benefits of gamification, the role it can play in learning, and strategies for implementation within your LMS.

David Wentworth
Principal Learning Analyst
Brandon Hall Group
Isobel Wallace
General Manager
Thinking Cap

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10 tips to upskill your manufacturing workforce

Working with manufacturing clients we have found there are key steps to deliver a successful training program.

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Want to learn a dirty secret about Activity Inheritance? It’s a lie! ;-)

Thinking Cap’s greatest party trick is the tree of domains that allow you to define complex organizations and allows for any number of these Domains to have their own URL and unique Learner Experiences...

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Learning Path Flow Control... We can do this the easy way, or we can do it the hard way

I have built a Learning Path with 10 courses. I want the learner to take each in succession...

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Attestations can replace Demonstrations, Comprehensions and Portfolio

What is the point of an LMS? First and foremost, it is not about Learning...

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I Thinking Cap

20 000 learner that we manage and we've never had a problem. It's reliable, and dependable. Our non-technically people find it easy to use. Robust in the sense that it hasn't given us any problem. Functions reliability. Extensible Flexible Good Reporting, learner searchability. Nice to see that they listen to customer feedback, addressing needs with each release.

Tim Bolger Project Manager, Learning Innovation for Buildforce Canada